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Student Athlete Handbook and Health Forms


Below is a link to the 2015-16  WHS Student Athlete Handbook which includes all health paperwork required by the Westfield Athletic Department of all Shamrock athletes.  Page one of the document gives specific directions on what each athlete and family are required to do. Please be sure to use the documents in the handbook when going for your sports physical as they are specific to Westfield High School.  On the actual physical, insurance information will need to be filled out completely and there are multiple places for student and parent signatures.  Please be sure you don’t miss any!  Any physicals missing signatures or other information will not be accepted. 

Please note that athletes will be required to turn physicals, concussion forms, and St. Vincent Health forms, into the Athletic Office directly.  All paperwork must be turned in at the same time.  Coaches no longer will be allowed to collect health paperwork.   Once all paperwork is completed and turned in, each athlete will receive a “Pass2Play” card which will be turned into his/her coach.  “Pass2Play” cards are required for the athlete to participate with the team during the season.

WHS ATHLETIC HANDBOOK-2015-2016-(revised 7-15)