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“What If………”  To help coaches, student-athletes, and parents become a great team, we use the strategy of developing and implementing themes into our athletic programs.  Next year will mark the 20th year for Westfield High School in the current location.  This will also mark my 20th year at Westfield High School as the Athletic Director.  We are proud of what we have accomplished during this period, but as with any great program, we want to continue to improve and reach even higher levels.  We will be considering the “What if….” through input from coaches, student-athletes, staff, and the community.  We want to consider what ifs, such as what if…..every kid believed they are an important part of the team, or what if…every kid gave total effort all the time, or what if…we could add this to a facility, or what if…every parent supports their kid through positive and negative times.  The list could go on, but hopefully this will give an idea of what we are trying to accomplish as we move into our 20th year!!

As with many schools, we continue to charge an “Athletic Fee” at Westfield High School. Please read some of the reasoning below. We appreciate your support and continue to work hard to get the most out of every dollar spent on kids. This fee has been set by the Westfield Washington School Board at $70.00 for each sport that your child elects to participate in.  The money collected will go to Central Office to help offset transportation and coaching salaries. The fees will be collected by the athletic department prior to the first athletic contest of each season. Why did Westfield Washington Schools moving to an “Athletic Fee”? Westfield Washington Schools is working to be proactive in cutting budget costs with as little impact on the need to eliminate teams or coaching positions. Why are we asking students to pay for extra-curricular Athletic activities? With this “Athletic Fee”, some of the costs involved in running a top level athletic program can be lowered, which will help with reducing budget expenses. How will the Athletic fees be used?   Will the program participation fees be higher next year? It is very possible the fees will be higher in 2016-17. The state continues to fall short of their revenue estimate, which means we are anticipating deeper cuts next year. Will all student-athletes be expected to pay the athletic fee? Yes, all students participating in extra-curricular athletic activities will be required to pay the fee. Participation in extra-curricular athletic activities is optional and is not a state requirement. Therefore, in order to continue to provide the same level and quality of programs, we will be forced to look for alternative revenue such as an athletic fee. Will I pay more than once if I am a multi-sport athlete? Yes, this fee is per sport, per season. When is this program “Athletic Fee” due? The fee is due and will be collected prior to the first contest of each season. Does the “Athletic Fee” mean your child will be given equal playing time? No, the athletic fee is being used to support the program and does not guarantee playing time.

We continue to work to improve all areas of our athletic department and listen to the feedback provided throughout the year to steadily improve. We would like to thank everyone for supporting Westfield High School and Westfield Athletics. We hope you enjoy watching our kids compete and we ask that everyone be considerate to everyone by showing great sportsmanship each night. Enjoy the games. Go ROCKS!!

Bill Davis, Westfield High School Athletic Director

Andy Tebbe, Westfield High School Assistant Athletic Director