Rocks News · Message from WHS Athletic Director

Dear Student-Athletes

Today’s announcements by Governor Holcomb regarding the current school year and the IHSAA regarding spring sports is disheartening.  The hardships we are all enduring right now continue to pound on us physically and emotionally.  Although, the health of yourself and your loved ones is the primary concern we all share, the impact of social distancing and limited contact has taken a toll on all of us in many different ways.  The absence of the spring sports season is a gut punch that has impacted our Rocks Athletics community.  Our spring sport student-athletes and coaches find themselves living in an empty promise.  The promise of competing for championships, the promise of showcasing their improved skills and abilities that were developed over the past year, and the promise of playing a sport they have loved their entire lives.  I wish I had answers or the right words to help you navigate through this experience.  And for our senior student-athletes, this broken promise is tenfold.  No words can console the frustrations and emotions you are experiencing.  My heart goes out to all of you and will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

So where do we go from here?

We go forward.  We rally. We will always wonder what would have happened and think about the season lost, but we need to turn our focus on a new promise.  The promise of being able to work hard on my own now, and the promise of being able to work hard with my teammates in the next few months.  For Seniors it is the promise of what WHS has prepared you for.  Whether it be college, trade school, the military, the workforce, college athletics, etc. you are ready and you got this.  For all of us it is time to rally and as a Rocks Family we need to be there for each other to show support and encouragement along the way.  It is in our DNA to persevere through this, and together we WILL persevere.

Stay safe and God Bless!

Andy Tebbe-Proud Athletic Director of WHS