Multiple Teams · Rocks Down Orioles

Varsity Football released a feeding frenzy at Avon Friday night, opening a lead early and then hanging on to win 17-15.

Offensively, the Shamrocks bit early, opening the 17-6 lead at half time. Frank Grimes turned in another magnificent performance, bolstering the growing reputation of the Rock ground attack. Elvin Caldwell added his own consistent play, finding the end zone yet again this week. With blood in the water, the Rock defense swarmed and held onto the lead despite the Orioles attempts at a comeback. Turner Edwards led the way, aided by the consistent play of Mitch Turley. Turley’s late inception of an Avon pass sealed the win for the Rocks. Shamrock Special Teams held the Orioles in check behind thanks to the efforts of Cameron Harrison and Adam Horkay. The entire punt team stayed hungry all night, keeping Avon from gaining any easy yards and helping to protect the advantage.

Special mention should be given to Brandon Karsnick, Julian Lytle, Colton Murphy, and Warrick Hinshaw. These Rocks made significant contributions in preparing the team for the Friday contest. They had their fins up throughout the week, providing the best possible look for their fellow teammates.

Resolve to support Rocks Football next Saturday, when Westfield will travel to LUCAS OIL STADIUM to face the Fishers Tigers. Kickoff is at 7:30pm.